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Leadership Programs

Leadership Learning Community

The Leadership Learning Community (LLC) is a mutually supportive environment that intentionally challenges members to further their character, integrity, personal and global awareness, and ability to inspire others. The LLC is a living learning community composed of three broad components: Academic, Residential, and Experiential. Together, these three arenas are intended to provide the students with an integrated growth experience.

Group Hike

Currently, the Leadership Learning Community houses about 60 first-year students and 20 second-year students in the Leadership House located in Eddy Hall, part of the Alumni Quadrangle Residences.

LLC students live together, take INTD Leadership courses together, take a 4 credit seminar in Freshman English together in their first semester, serve on residential committees together, as well as plan and attend experiences such as lectures, challenge courses, movies and social events.

Academic Component:

First-Year students can expect to take a 1 credit INTD class in the Fall and Spring covering an introduction to the University as well as personal leadership development on such topics as emotional intelligence, leadership traits and styles, communication, social change and multiculturalism. Some First-Year students may also be enrolled in a 4 credit English seminar with a leadership theme. Non-First year students may be enrolled in a 1 credit INTD class intended to dig deeper into leadership theory and discovery, including topics such as ethical decision making, conflict management, transformational leadership and StrengthsQuest. Non-First year students may also be able to take a 3 credit EDLR class in the fall semester addressing topics such as followership, mentorship, motivation and group dynamics.

Residential Component:

The classroom experiences are supplemented by the community built on the residential floor. The LLC has two RAs who plan events and manage the community. Members of the LLC are encouraged to join various residential committees including Community Service, Social Programming, Campus Involvement, Off Campus Excursions, Sports, and Public Relations.

Past events include: Genocide in Darfur: Informational Lecture; A Campus Discussion about Academic Integrity; Lecture and Dinner with Vice President Saddlemire; a professional dinner etiquette workshop, and a discussion with Cambodian human rights activist, producer, and rapper praCh.

Experiential Component:

The final component to the LLC includes the experiences provided outside of the classroom and residential community. Supported by the Office of Leadership Programs, students in the LLC have the opportunity to explore leadership in the real world.

Past experiences include: Challenge Course, Lecture by Michael J. Fox, Orpheus Concert Series, Field Day.

Watch the 2010-2011 Banquet Video, created by Stephen Maldonado with pictures from the LLC students!

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