Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

Staff in the Department of Student Activities and Center for Fraternity and Sorority Development take seriously your well-being and will continue to work to foster a work environment and campus community that is welcoming, inclusive, and just to all.  Each member of our staff believes in their responsibility as educators and members of this community to reduce/eliminate the prejudice, bigotry, and racism that is rooted in ignorance, fear, and hatred.  We all come at this topic not as experts but as individuals genuinely concerned about who we are as a community, how we treat one another, and how we can help those around us learn and grow in a safe and civil environment.  We are all available and willing to talk with you more about this important topic.  Don’t hesitate to contact any of us individually or at   Please also be reminded that more information about bias-related incidents and the role you can play in reporting such acts can be found here.