Thinking About Getting Involved?

Getting Involved on campus is a great way to make new friends, meet new people, learn new skills, explore your interests, develop leadership skills, advance your future career, continue your athletics, create new technologies, perform, debate, dance, play, read, teach; the sky, literally, is the limit.

Getting Involved is a “Choose Your Own Adventure”

  • Students can choose to be as involved as they want. Some students go to sporting events, others to lectures, or concerts, or plays.
  • Some students give back to the local community through volunteer work – building, teaching, cleaning…
  • Some students get an on-campus job, give tours, become an RA…
  • Other students get involved in the 650 student organizations on campus – to just enjoy each other’s company, to compete with other schools, or to take on a leadership role…

How Can you find all of these things to “Get Involved” with?

Interested in Student Organizations? Check them out on UConntact – and send an email!

Academic – Business Academic – Healthcare Academic – Other Academic – STEM
Activism & Advocacy Club Sports Teams Creating & Crafting Culture & Community
Dance, Vocal, Music Performance Environment & Agriculture Graduate Student Orgs Greek Fraternities & Sororities
Health & Wellness Honors Military Political Interest
Religion & Spirituality Service Special Interest & Fan Clubs Sports & Gaming
Student Governance, Campus Media, & Programming Tech Building & Design UConn Community Outreach Programs University Programs & Learning Communities
Avery Point Campus Hartford Campus Stamford Campus Waterbury Campus

Go to the Involvement Fair!

The Fall and Spring Involvement Fairs host +450 student organizations and university programs that are looking for students to join. The Involvement Fair is always on the second Wednesday of class from 2pm-7pm!

Interested in making a little extra cash? Find job postings on UConn Student Employment!

Go to a game! Check out the Club Sports and Athletics Varsity Schedule!

The most important thing you can do is be interested. Use the website to find contact information. Send an email. Make a call. Knock on a door. These are all great ways to help you connect to other people on campus and to help you get involved.