Involvement Fair

Involvement Fair Frisbee TeamAre you ready to see what UConn has to offer?

Tuesday, Sept 8th

12-2: Academic Business & Academic Healthcare
2-4: Academic, STEM, Activism & Advocacy
4-6: Club Sports, Creating  &Crafting, Cultural & Community 

Wednesday, Sept 9th

12-2: Dance, Vocal, Music Performance, Environment & Agriculture, Graduate Student Orgs
2-4: Social Fraternities & Sororities, Health & Wellness, Incredible University Programs
4-6:  Honors, Military, Political Interest

Thursday, Sept 10th

12-2: Religion & Spirituality, Service
2-4: Special Interest & Fan Clubs, Sports & Gaming, Student Governance, Programming & Campus Media
4-6: Tech Design & Building, Community Outreach Programs

  |  12pm-6pm Every Day  |

The Involvement Fair – UConn’s largest, free event that is open to all students, faculty & staff. Join the +400 student organizations and university programs to find new ways to connect, make friends, and get involved!

The FALL 2020 Involvement Fair is hosting through UConntact – UConn’s Get Involved | Get Engaged platform.  You will be able to find clubs and groups participating each day based on their Category, and can connect LIVE with student leaders and members to find out more!

From academic, volunteer, performance, sporting, and many special interest groups, the Involvement Fair offers the opportunity to find out about what great organizations that await! Getting involved can help you make friends, build your resume, expand your horizons, develop your leadership skills, and have fun all while doing something that interests you.

For more information about the fair please e-mail !

Can’t wait? Learn about all of the great opportunities by visiting UConntact today!