Student Leader Eligibility Appeal

In support of the University’s Academic Mission, if a student is determined to be ineligible pursuant of this policy, the Department of Student Activities reserves the right to limit that student’s leadership in a Tier III Student Organization or within the programs and initiatives under its purview.

Entire Student Leader Eligibility Policy

The Appeals Process

I. The Notification

  • Students found to be ineligible will be sent an e-mail to their University e-mail address, notifying them of their ineligibility status and if applicable, information about the appeals process (scholastic probation only) including a deadline for appeal submission.
    • Student's respective advisor or supervisor will be notified about their ineligibility status as well.
  • Students who choose not to appeal or who are ineligible to appeal (subject to dismissal), must notify their organization or program to resign from their position within one week of the original notification e-mail send date.
    • If the student is unable to do so within one week, their advisor will notify the organization or program of the student’s inability to serve in the position. The reason will not be disclosed.
  • For more information about an appeal and the committee, please see Section IV.C of the Student Leader Eligibility Policy.

II. The Process

  •  Once a student has been notified of their ineligibility, they must fill out the online appeal form and include the following documents within that form to initiate the appeals process:
    •  *Required* Student Leader Eligibility Appeal Form (see below)
    • *Required* Copy of current official/unofficial transcript from the Registrar’s Office (no screen shots of a student’s transcript will be accepted)
    • *Required* Class schedule for the current semester
    • *Optional* Students may submit any other documentation they believe is relevant for the committee to review
      • Please note: An appeal submitted without any of the documents marked *Required* will be considered incomplete and not reviewed by a committee. If a student has any issues with the forms or acquiring the necessary documents, please e-mail the Risk Education & Prevention Specialist (
  •  The Student Leader Eligibility Committee (SLE) will review the appeal form and documents submitted to help determine their decision.
    •  If needed, the Committee may request an in-person or virtual meeting with the student to further discuss their appeal.
      • This decision is solely at the discretion of the committee
  • The SLE Committee will review the appeal packet materials and will notify the student of the outcome via their University e-mail,
    •  within two weeks of the appeal submission deadline noted in the initial notification e-mail or
    •  within one week of the SLE Committee meeting with the student (if applicable)

Please note: During USG elections, the SLE Committee will convene in a manner that seeks to ensure quick review of appeals for candidates seeking the offices of USG President, Vice President, and Comptroller (or for other candidates seeking offices that are subject to the ‘seek provision’ described in Appendix B of the Student Leadership Eligibility Policy).

III. Potential Outcomes

  •  Possible Outcomes of the appeal may include, but not be limited to:
    • Removal of the student from his/her leadership position,
    • Re-instatement of a student’s leadership position and responsibilities.
    • Restricting the student from seeking such a leadership position,
    • Re-instatement of a student’s position and responsibilities with contingencies, or
    • Requiring student to provide evidence of steps taken to address the issue(s) that led to the ineligible status, be they related to enrollment, academics, or conduct

Student Leader Eligibility Appeal Form

Eligibility Appeals Procedures and Form for Student Leaders of Tier III Student Organizations and Select Programs/Initiatives in the Department of Student Activities.

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Once started, the Appeal Form must be completed in ONE sitting. There is no opportunity to save your responses and come back to the form. Accordingly, it is recommended that you obtain/prepare all the necessary information (detailed above) PRIOR to entering a submission. When you are ready to submit your appeal material, you may click on the button at the bottom of the screen.