Student Leader Eligibility Appeal

In support of the University’s Academic Mission, the Department of Student Activities at the University of Connecticut reserves the right to limit a student’s leadership in Tier III student organizations and programs and initiatives under its purview if that student is determined to be ineligible pursuant to the following. If a student is determined to be ineligible for their leadership position they will be restricted from seeking/holding such a leadership position.  Students on academic probation will have the opportunity to appeal restrictions pursuant to the procedures below. Students who are ‘subject to dismissal’ are not eligible to appeal their status.

Entire Student Leader Eligibility Policy

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Enrollment Status Eligibility

Student leaders must be currently enrolled at the Storrs Campus and consequently, be subject to paying the ‘General University Fee’, a portion of which supports student organizations and Department of Student Activities programs.

In the case of student organization leaders, eligible students must also be subject to paying the fee for the group for which they are seeking/holding office.  For example, a student who wants to run for USG must be subject to paying the USG fee.

Academic Eligibility

All student leaders must not be on any form of academic probation (including, but not limited to being ‘subject to dismissal’) during the time that they are holding a student leadership position as defined in this policy.

Appealing Eligibility Status

Submitting an appeal is not a required part of this process and is an option available to students who feel that there are compelling personal circumstances that rise to the level of having their eligibility status reviewed.  Additionally, students should be aware that the committee reviews every appeal individually and that the standard to have an appeal upheld (resulting in a student being deemed eligible) is high.

If the student leader is notified by the Department of Student Activities that they are ineligible to seek/hold the position, the student has 7 days from the date of notification to appeal their status. If an appeal has not been submitted within 7 days of  the date of the notification, the student has forfeited their opportunity to appeal and has accepted their ineligible status. Note: students who are interested in running for office who know they are not eligible may initiate the appeals process prior to receiving any notification from the Department of Student Activities. 

To appeal your status, please complete the form below. Please note that the form must be completed in ONE sitting.

Required Information for Appeal Submission:

  • Name, Email, Organization/Program Name, Role/Position/Title
  • A narrative of the circumstances that led to your ineligibility status.
  • A description of steps you have already taken that should result in you being deemed 'in good standing'.
  • A description of steps you will be taking that should result in you being deemed 'in good standing'.
  • A description of how you will manage your time (academics, other commitments) should you seek/hold this position.
  • Any additional information, narratives, and/or details you would like the committee to know before making a decision on your appeal.

Required Documentation Needed for a Complete Appeal:

  • Submission of Appeal Form (below)
  • Current Official or Unofficial Transcript (in pdf format)- this can be submitted via this form or e-mailed to the Risk Education & Prevention Specialist at
  • Current and Next Semester's Class Schedule
  • Any other Documentation you believe is relevant

Student Leader Eligibility Appeal Form

Eligibility Appeals Procedures and Form for Student Leaders of Tier III Student Organizations and Select Programs/Initiatives in the Department of Student Activities.

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Once started, the Appeal Form must be completed in ONE sitting. There is no opportunity to save your responses and come back to the form. Accordingly, it is recommended that you obtain/prepare all the necessary information (detailed above) PRIOR to entering a submission. When you are ready to submit your appeal material, you may click on the button at the bottom of the screen.